25 - 27 May 2021

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Shell Scheme Stand Specifications grey

Shell Scheme (Booth) Spec.

Provided by Proj-X, the shell scheme (booth) is made up of a series of panels that fix together. 

The panel dimensions are:

  • Width: 1000mm (500mm width also available)
  • Height: 2480mm (incuding the 20mm baton finish on the top)
  • Depth: 50mm


These panels are constructed using a timber baton frame, faced in plywood and covered in a grey leather grain PVC.

It is possible for all exhibitors and/or their own contrators to paint the panels themselves; alternitively, Proj-X can provide this service at an additional cost..

All adjustments, including lighting, flooring, power and seamless finished claddng should be requested through the Proj-X Contractor Request Form.


Shell Scheme (Booth) Example

Please note the images below are stand examples and not a render of your stand at CDW.


Shell Scheme Cut Through Detail

This image illustrates the typical structure inside your stands wall panels. They are faced with 4mm ply and covered in a leather grain PVC.

The best fixing points are 500mm increments from the bottom upwards of each wall panel. Recommended fixing weight at these points is 25kg.

Any other area maximum fixing weight is 8kg.

Perimeter and all cross braces of the frame are 22mm thick. This allows a tolerance of 11mm each way on the 500mm measurement of your fixing point.




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