Taking their successful and long-standing collaboration to the next level, Monsieur Christian Lacroix and ege carpets now enter the floor together with the ATELIER collection. The passions of Monsieur Christian Lacroix have been translated into 16 expressive and rich designs and three design themes – Textile, Mineral and Gravure covering ethnic and foreign fabrics, velvet draping, paisleys, mosaics of stones, 1900-century fashion with birds and butterflies.

Having completed interior design work at several landmark hotels and museums, Monsieur Christian Lacroix has worked with ege carpets on many prestigious projects such as Palais Galliera, Hôtel du Petit Moulin, Hôtel l’Antonie and Hôtel Notre Dame in Paris as well as Musée Réattu and Hôtel Jules César in Arles.

Experience the beautiful and artistic patterns of the ATELIER collection by Monsieur Christian Lacroix at the ege showroom in Britton Street.