Forma 5 is now a leading brand in the office furniture sector drawing on over 35 years of experience. The company has grown to 75,000 square meters of production space and now has the capacity to produce over 1000 individual pieces of furniture per day.

Forma 5 is a true manufacture, beginning with raw steel bar and coil; it is cut, drilled, welded, degreased and painted all under our control. Similarly, tops are cut drilled, lipped and finished in both melamine and wood veneer. Our chair programmes are extensive and diverse. We can provide a solution to all lose furniture packages within the office or educational sectors.

It is always our intention to lead from the front in new product design; always responding to the emerging needs within the rapidly changing world.

Come CDW 2018 Forma 5 will be launching their new budget DOT operators chair and the CAMPUS locker system.