The body of scientific research associating prolonged sitting to serious health problems is steadily growing and many people are becoming familiar with headlines such as ‘Sitting is killing you’ or ‘Sitting is the new smoking!’ As we all spend long periods seated, that has got to be very worrying indeed.

After many years research and development, Osteopath and inventor Si Freedman believes he has a revolutionary solution that will make it safe to sit again – The Standing Chair is a seat to save your life.

The Standing Chair has been designed to uniquely recreate a person’s natural standing posture when sitting, to naturally adjust to the different shape and size of each person.

If you are going to sit over long periods, the Standing Chair is the only seat to save your life and will be launched as part of Clerkenwell Design Week1 Sutton Lane London, EC1M 5PU, (adjacent to J&A Café) – 9.30am-8.30pm – Tues 21st – Thurs 23rd May.