Visit TOTO London’s showroom and gallery to find out all about the hygiene revolution in the bathroom. Japanese manufacturer TOTO is a global leader in clean technology, where it has pioneered bathroom innovation for over a century. TOTO focus on people and their wellbeing, developing products that combine modern design with state-of-the-art technology. Products like WASHLET shower toilet have sold over 40 million since 1980. This groundbreaking design is multi-award winning due to its genuinely original design and water saving capabilities.

TOTO works closely with architects and interior designers both in the UK and globally. The company was recently named the World’s No. 1. brand for shower toilet sales.

For CDW 2019 TOTO is proud to present architects Asa + Yu exhibition, Beyond the Dataveil, a modern wonderland that explores IoT, Mass Customisation and AI deep learning. Visit and be amazed.