The BetteLoft collection

The BetteLoft collection is based on the fundamental design of four tapered surfaces that meet up together. The latest collection from Bette is a combination of craftsmanship and expressive character in a minimalist design.

BetteLoft Ornament
The BetteLoft Ornament is a large glazed titanium-steel free-standing bath that creates an optical highlight in the bathroom and has a 30 year warranty.

While the interior is in a comfortable and pared-back shape, the expressive exterior emphasises the symmetry of the bath with statement embossing.

BetteLoft built-in
The BetteLoft bath is a glazed titanium steel built-in bath with an extremely slim rim of only 8mm, making it suitable for flush installation and allowing the creation of highly exclusive and individual bathrooms.

The interior has plenty of space for bathing, and comfortable back geometry which makes it perfect for a lengthy soak.

New sizes in BetteFloor and BetteFloor Side
Glazed titanium-steel bathroom specialist, Bette, was responsible for the development of the first flush-to-floor steel/enamel shower floor, which recently celebrated its tenth anniversary. Now the company has launched new sizes. The BetteFloor and BetteFloor Side are available in a total of 72 different options and a huge range of colours, including matt shades, to coordinate with flooring.