Hand & Eye Studio’s O-Beam has arrived!

Hand & Eye are excited to present the O-Beam. After the success of the prototype they displayed in British Collection at CDW last year it's finally here!

Inspired by thier love of ceramics and industrial forms, this highly architectural beam light can be used in a multitude of different ways to enhance a space through its shape as well as its light giving properties.

The O-Beam is a round extrusion 1600mm long. It hangs from two thin suspension wires, with a single wisp of pale grey flex cord to provide the power, giving it an appearance of lightness. The O-Beam is available in two options: a single down-light or a down-and-up-light version for spaces where a more all-round light is desired. The beam is made as a continuous ceramic piece and then cut into once fired to create the opening for the light. This sharp cut means that the grain and idiosyncrasies of the ceramic are visible all along the cut edges and are beautifully highlighted when the light is on. Externally, this graining of the ceramic is subtle so the colour is more uniform with a lovely matt flocked texture along the length of the beam. The O-Beam is a pistachio green colour, a tone that is neutral and helps to maintain the ‘lightness’ of the beam whilst still bringing in an aspect of colour.

The ancient material of clay is partnered in the O-Beam with more modern, highly engineered materials such as the silicone end bungs, which hide the inner workings while allowing the light to glow gently through. The light itself comes from a high spec LED strip with a bespoke profile diffuser allowing 75% of the emitted light to emerge while still keeping the light uniform.

The circular form of the beam lends itself to being hung in numerous configurations: as a straight beam or series of beams; at angles of up to 35 degrees, to create more shape and volume in a space; or arranged geometrically as a modern ‘chandelier’ configuration. This means that the O-Beam can work well in a multitude of settings such as over tables, island units or bars, and in foyers, large hallways or stairways.

The O-Beam light blends industrial forms and processes with the unique texture and look of ceramics to create a highly versatile light that suits a myriad of spaces, whether used as a subtle background piece or a showstopping installation.

Catch them back in British Collection in May at #CDW10!