Uncover the inspiration behind Haines Watts’ ‘Be, Well’ Pavilion

The ‘Be, Well’ Pavilion sponsored by Haines Watts in partnership with architects WR-AP and supported by Joseph Ash Galvanising, Berry Systems, Lionweld Kennedy, John Cullen Lighting and the Galvanizers Association, invites you to pause, reflect and share your thoughts in their well of reflection.

Find out more about the inspiration behind the installation with an interview with WR-AP Architects.

1. What was it about the project that attracted towards being part of it?

As an emerging practice being able to participate in an international design festival such as Clerkenwell was a big draw but also being given a free reign on the design content of the proposals by our partners Haines Watts was equally as attractive. Many of the previous installations at Clerkenwell Design week had focused on the craftsmanship synonymous with the area – we felt that it was an interesting opportunity to focus on a more finite aspect of design and to work with one specific material to showcase its potential to the design world and to allow an alternative type of craftsmanship to be featured.

2. In a few words, can you describe the installation and its defining features?
Be Well’ is an investigation into the design potential of the long lifespan material that is galvanised steel. In an age where sustainability is on the agenda of all design disciplines the pavilion looks to showcase the whole life longevity and potential beauty embodied in the galvanising process. The pavilion will take visitors on a journey from utilitarian building products through to bespoke architectural elements, all showcasing the detailed beauty of galvanising. In the 10th year of the design week we felt that it was an important opportunity to remind visitors that Clerkenwell does actually have a well, therefore a centrepiece of the pavilion will be a new subversive ‘Clerkenwell well’ where visitors will be asked to comment, make reference to the pavilion or to leave general thoughts about the design industry and design week.

3. Have you worked with any of the other project partners before?
Whilst we haven’t worked with the other project partners before, Haines Watts are our studio accountants and as such we are delighted that they are partnering with WR-AP on this collaboration and supporting emerging architectural practices.

4. What have been the biggest challenges so far?
Ensuring that a material that is usually used in either a unitarian or industrial manner can be showcased with finesse and elegant detailing to promote its innate aesthetic properties.

5. What is the meaning behind the pavillion’s name ‘Be, Well’?
The name looks to represent all the good things that the pavilion characterises i.e the long life expectancy that galvanising provides can be seen to ‘be well’ and a good thing for the design industry to use and specify. With the inclusion of a new physical well for Clerkenwell as part of the pavilion we are hoping to attract positive thoughts about the design industry today and this again encompasses the ‘be well’ theme.

6. How would you describe your experience working with Haines Watts?
As a partner Haines Watts have always been 100% supportive of our design ideas and concepts for our collaboration. They have been true to their word in supporting an emerging practice in showcasing their design skills on an international platform such as Clerkenwell Design week and they have allowed us to investigate a range of innovative and somewhat challenging design ideas before coming to the final proposal. Working alongside Haines Watts has been an enjoyable experience for our whole team and one that we would instantly accept again if the opportunity arose.

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