23-25 May 2023

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Habbio – The World’s Most Sustainable Sofa

The way we make furniture has to change, for a long time the industry has been part of the problem. But now there can be a solution.

Habbio is born out of over 70 years of manufacturing experience, undertaken with the aim to make the best sofa for our modern world. Naturally, this means that it has to be sustainable too.

90% of furniture in the UK currently ends up in landfill, and sofas can contain up to 20% harmful VOC’s. In a world where customers demand speed and products that work hard, Habbio has the answer.

Their products are made from 100% recycled or sustainably sourced materials, and are 100% recyclable at the end of their life. And they will even do it for you.

Supremely adaptable for life’s ups and downs, add extra units for more space, or freshen up the design with new arms and fabrics; Habbio aim to maximise the useful life of their products.

Made in the UK by skilled craftspeople, with the planet in mind, the right choice has never been so easy.

Habbio produces products for the end consumer and have their own factory, with decades of experience.  They can create products and solutions for all needs. So whether you are an architect, specifier, contracts dealer, interior designer or wholesaler, come and say hello and discuss your client’s sustainability goals and CSR’s.

To see how their circular design principles can help you, please visit Habbio at St James Church Gardens.

Location: Saint James's Church Garden, 3 Sans Walk, London, EC1R 0LT




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