Clerkenwelll Design Trail: 20-21 September 2022

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WorkPOP by BVN x Second Home

The concept of BVN’s WorkPOP installation, in collaboration with co working brand Second Home, supports the notion work-from-anywhere and experimentation towards pop-up, iterative, workspaces. Visitors of the festival are encouraged to experience work, collaboration, discussion and entertainment outside of the traditional boundaries of work + place.

We know that people are supported through the spaces they’re in, and these curated environments create important places for community, collaboration, innovation and socialisation. Not only do they impact our culture and behaviours but they act as spaces for us to reconnect with ourselves and our peers. As we continue to evolve our relationships with both work and each other, we’re reimagining when, where, how and why we work.

Inspired by and paying homage to re-ply, an initiative started in 2020 by BVN’s New York Studio,

WorkPOP celebrates the idea of ‘collective creativity to design a better future’ through its recycled materials and partnerships. Designed to be modular, WorkPOP has a circular lifespan, relocating to the rooftop of Second Home’s workspace in London Fields after CDW, where it will support events and knowledge work for the creative community.

Curated daily discussions

As a collective, we relish co-creation. The challenges of creating new solutions for new times requires expertise and experience from a range of fields. Daily discussions with a diverse range of experts will take place at Second Home, Clerkenwell Green.

3.00pm - tours of Second Home

3.30pm - talks begin

4.00pm - please join us for a bite to eat and a spritz or two at the WorkPOP happy hour

Tuesday 24th - Uncovering layers of the work + place ecosystem

What do we mean when we say ‘work’ and ‘place’, what do these things means to employees, and how can organisations iterate the way forward to support and enable people to be their best authentic selves? This panel will explore and discuss how various layers of the ecosystem knit together to create rich and diverse experiences.

Wednesday 25th - Clarity, meaning and the future of work spaces and cultures

So much has been lost in translation during the past two years. At a time when clarity is key, communication and engagement at all levels through all channels is crucial. How can we communicate better between ourselves, with both our leaders and employees, and as an industry that is focussed so much on “work”? This panel will explore from a range of points of view and pockets of the ‘Workplace’ community.

Thursday 26th – Collective creativity to design a better future

The idea of collective creativity means diverse thinking for the betterment of the planet, the buildings we create, the spaces we design and the communities we foster and provide for. In the world of architecture and design, how do these shared visions and common purposes truly come together? How do we make space for the exploration of new ideas and how do we embrace our collective creativity for the greater good?


Location: 45-47 Clerkenwell Green


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